Exercise Support

The PPS Team is prepared to develop and execute your required exercises. The team helps to design exercises that focus on the evaluation of your organization’s emergency preparedness stance and response to a simulated emergency. We will work with your organization to tailor each exercise to your specific goals and objectives. Relevant environmental, economic, geographic and other issues important to your stakeholders must be designed into the exercise to assure that local community concerns are considered.

Our proprietary software (EMDS and PICSESII) will be utilized throughout the exercise process to ensure that you and the participating organizations receive the most realistic and comprehensive exercise possible. Each exercise will be customized to meet the exact needs of your organization and address specific objectives identified in the pre-exercise phase. Also, PPS provides you with evaluations of each exercise and the plans utilized.

Other Exercise Support Services include the following:

  • Project Management Support
  • Subject Matter Expert Support
  • Controller Support
  • Evaluation Support
  • Manual Development
  • MSEL (Master Scenario Event List) Development
  • EEG (Exercise Evaluation Guide) Development
  • Simulation Development
  • Exercise Response Database support
  • Control Room set up and operation
  • Exercise Space Network Deployment and Management
  • Role Player support

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