Exercise Solutions

PPS is a recognized leader in this area. Our exercises will assist your company to get things under control quickly should an incident occur.

Exercise Types

We offer the Three Standard HSEEP types of exercises:

  • Tabletop Exercise
  • Functional Exercise
  • Full Scale Exercise.

Exercise Formats

With the advent of the security exercise requirements we offer a modular format for an exercise. Our clients can choose which modules they want included.

Prevention/Pre-incident Module

Delivered in scenario based workshop format. Participants are given intelligence for a security-based threat (or appropriate injects for a predictable disaster, such as a hurricane).

Incident Management Module

This will consist of an appropriate scenario that challenges the participants.

This module can be used in any of the three standard formats: Tabletop, Functional or Full Scale Exercise.

Recovery/Restoration Module

Based upon scenario events and the responder’s mitigation efforts, this module is conveyed best in a scenario based workshop format that follows the Incident Management Module.

When we use any module, PPS’s exercises will focus on the implementation of your response plans and your overall response strategy.

Program Integration

This is PPS’s specialty. We can integrate your exercises, such as a security plan with an oil spill response plan, into one exercise that meets the credit requirements for both programs. This will save you time and money.

Incident Simulation

PPS exercises employ PISCES II software, a computerized state-of-the-art incident simulation package. PISCES II is the commercial version of the software originally developed by Transas Marine for the United States Coast Guard.

For the first time in an exercise, exercise participants will see the direct results of their response actions. PPS ensures that the incident scenario is designed to meet your company’s specific exercise goals and objectives. The PISCES II incident simulation created for your exercise can be based on your company’s most probable risks and liabilities, or it can impose virtually any scenario you desire.

For more information or a demonstration of PICSES II, please click here