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Personal knowledge of incident response, regulatory compliance, and expertise in the design and execution of successful exercises is essential. Our personnel are experienced in each of these areas, and together they have a cumulative experience base of over 75 years in maritime safety and environmental response. While they worked together at the USCG National Strike Force, Tom Marquette and Paul Gebert were the driving force behind the development of the federal government’s highly successful National Preparedness for Response Exercise Program (PREP). The PREP program set the standard for pollution and disaster exercises in the maritime industry.

Tom Marquette

tommarquette at ppscorp dot com

Mr. Marquette has over 36 years of related experience in port security, emergency response, and crisis management.  As a career officer in the US Coast Guard, he has over 30 years experience in the Marine Safety Field with emphasis on port operations and port security.  His last 8 years in the Coast Guard were as the Chief of the Preparedness Division developing and overseeing the National Preparedness for Response Exercise Program (PREP). While in this position, he was influential in the development the guidelines for the PREP program and was the driving force behind the overall concept and building of the PREP program for the U. S. Coast Guard, EPA, MMS, and RSPA OPS.  Since his retirement from federal service, he has been the President of Precision Planning and Simulations, Inc. (PPS).  Since forming PPS, he has been instrumental in building the company to provide a premier exercise service to its clients as well as guiding the development of software for use with emerging markets in crisis management simulations.

Paul Gebert

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Mr. Gebert has 21 years direct experience in emergency response, 18 years experience in developing, executing and evaluating tabletop, functional and full scale exercises, 9 years experience enforcing government regulations related to Coast Guard Marine Safety Regulations, and 21 years documenting both real and simulated incidents for clients and the government.  Throughout his career, Mr. Gebert has worked with the chemical and oil industry in facilities, on water transportation, over land transportation, pipelines, emergency management, fire, and police as well as many other agencies and organizations in developing their preparedness to major incidents involving numerous threat scenarios.  Currently, Mr. Gebert is Vice President of PPS, Inc.

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