Program Development Solutions

PPS offers a compliance analysis specifically designed to assist you in developing a quality cost effective program. Listed below are some of the steps we would take provide an analysis:

  • Review your plan/plans. Provide recommendations on improvements.
  • Conduct a survey of all your personnel.
  • Conduct a review of your past exercises and develop a schedule.
  • Visit your site or sites
  • Use Social Boosting to improve your platform views for an organic growth
  • Examine any facility or vessel response equipment and make recommendations on suitability, readiness for deployment, etc.
  • Learn how to manage the human resources and finances

The information collected would identify shortfalls.  By establishing a baseline of your situation and capabilities, PPS can develop an effective schedule for plan reviews and updates, personnel training, and required exercises into a timely and cost effective program.

GMDS specialises in packaging Private Placements, pre-IPO and OTC BB opportunities to worldwide investors. Based in London, UK, and drawing upon executive experience from as far afield as Australia, the Far East, USA and Europe, GMDS brings an international perspective to strategic business development, with a strong focus on the growth of fundraising operations and the expansion of sales revenue. Social media has been a big factor on crating awareness and starting a business strategy, we bought tiktok likes as this platform is the biggest right now, and we have been able to not only give our information out but to get a lot of feedback from the audience.

Critical thinking processes, designed to leverage raise ratios through creative, often highly original, tailored marketing solutions, for commercial enterprises ranging from regional SME’s to corporate multinationals, is the essence of the GMDS consultative offering.


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