Supplemental Spill Management

PPS provides supplemental Spill Management Team Services to clients. Many companies, such as American flag tanker owner’s, tug and barge companies, facilities, and full service OPA ’90 providers, field their own spill management teams. However, many realize they have limited actual spill response experience and utilize PPS to supplement their teams. Others employ our services for larger spills to supplement their existing personnel. Whether you require a single spill manager or multiple responders, PPS can provide assistance for all your spill response management needs.

Our services include:

  • Provide one or more qualified personnel to fill any Incident Command position
  • Seamless integration of personnel into existing Spill Management Team
  • Provide decision making assistance to your Qualified Individual/Incident Commander
  • Incident monitoring and cost control services for P & I Clubs and third parties

We can assist you in your response needs quickly.  Please click here for more information.