Past Performances

PPS’ past performance clearly shows our expertise and commitment to quality exercise programs, but we are committed to moving into the future of multi-element incident exercises.

The following are a few sample projects:

Northeast Homeland Security Regional Advisory Council (NERAC) PPS was award the contract to provide exercise services to the 70+ communities in the Northeast Region of Massachusetts.  During the period of performance PPS designed, executed, and provided report documentation for 72+ communities in 14 separate exercises.  Of those exercises, 9 were tabletop exercises, 4 were functional exercises, and one was a full scale exercise.  During each of the exercises we included participation of the Fire, Police, EMS, Emergency Management, Department of Public Health, Hospitals, and local businesses.   Each exercise was developed using the HSEEP format and all the exercises and their corresponding reports were accepted by EOPSS and the NERAC Council.  The exercises themselves were developed with input from the members of the communities to be exercised.  A planning team was established and updates were produced very similarly to what this RFP is looking to complete for oversight.  The exercises themselves covered a range of scenarios and allowed each community to tackle the immediate problems facing them rather than using a boiler plate format or scenario.

Department of Safety Sponsored Homeland Security Exercises:  PPS was awarded the contract to provide exercise services to special operations units throughout the state of New Hampshire.  These were to include SRT’s, SWAT, and Hazmat Teams.  The contract was a one year contract to conduct up to 12 exercises (TTX’s, FE’s and FSE’s).  Each exercise not only included the special operations teams from those communities but also all the supporting agencies that would have been involved in the incident.  The contract required each exercise be developed using the HSEEP guidelines and each exercise was required to have a fully developed After Action Report submitted at the conclusion of the event.  During the course of the exercise program, PPS developed and executed; 6 TTX’s, 6 FE’s, and 2 FSE’s.  We exceeded the number of exercises originally planned, brought them all in on time and still came in under budget on the entire project.

EPA Region I Exercises: EPA Region 1 awarded this contract to PPS twice based on our experience, quality of service and overall value.  To date we have completed 13 HSEEP compliant exercises of various scenarios.  Each exercise involved a threat-based scenario with chemical release for local communities in the New England Region.  The exercises are designed with input from the local design teams to meet their exercise requirements.  We worked closely with Contract Officer’s Technical Representative and the FEMA Representative to the exercises to ensure their and the participating local communities’ needs were met.  During the performance of this contract we have conducted exercises with scenarios such as train derailments (1), Train station terrorist attacks (2), Train terrorist attack (1), Terrorist related highway incident (1), etc.  Every scenario included the simulation of casualties, both role player (with moulage) and paper casualties.  Exercises consisted of both Table Top and Functional Exercises.

Multi-Media Table Top Exercises – PPS recently concluded a 5 year contract and was re-awarded this contract for an additional 5 years as a subcontractor responsible for delivery of oil and security related exercises at overseas Naval Facilities.  These exercises are done in conjunction with both emergency management personnel and Navy On-Scene Coordinators, looking at issues related to security threats, natural disasters and associated hazmat spills.  The exercises are developed to ensure that emergency management personnel conduct required HSEEP-compliant exercises and the Environmental personnel are able to receive credit for conducting a PREP exercise.  At this time, PPS has completed exercises in Naples, Italy, Sigonella, Italy, Rota, Spain, and Chania, Greece.  Each exercise involved all aspects of the response community and looked at issues relating to Incident Command, Unified Command, Emergency Management, Medical Surge, Triage, response techniques, and Communication.

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