Program Oversight Solutions

Program Development/Program Oversight

PPS can develop implementation procedures for your preparedness programs and can continue to work with you when administering their program. We also help to track your training and exercise requirements to ensure that you meet your regulatory mandates. We do this by utilizing the following steps.

  • Identifying your needs.
  • Be aware of all requirements for training, exercising, planning, reporting, and record keeping.
  • Conduct an audit of your existing system
  • Outline a program that works within budgetary limitations and fully complies with requirements of oversight organizations.

Once implementation of a program begins, PPS can track the progress of the program or provide you tools to do this yourself.

Plan Development

PPS works with several partner companies to provide plan development services to meet your needs. Our partners offer services to a large customer base, which allows them to utilize boiler-plate templates that they can customize to individual needs.

Once the plan is developed, reviewed and accepted, our partners provide streamlined updating services. Whether you need paper copies, electronic copies, or web based plans, PPS can work with you to identify needs and provide an effective, efficient solution.

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