Response Services

The Principles of PPS have provided Spill Management Team (SMT) type services prior to and since the inception of OPA ’90, beginning with their service at the US Coast Guard.   They have more practical “hands-on” experience than any other service provider.  Also, PPS’s SMT includes a nationwide network of seasoned spill response professionals strategically located in all COTP zones for rapid response and mobilization in the event of any type or size incident.

Our partnership provides:

  • Over 60 years of actual in-house experience responding to the cleanup of over 600 various sized oil and chemical spills.
  • A twenty-four hour, 365-day availability with a state-of-the-art  communications network ready to receive emergency calls and to respond to any type and size of incident.
  • A nationwide network of spill response professionals, trained in Qualified Individual requirements and Spill Management techniques to respond to real or potential incidents in all Captain-of the-Port zones.
  • “Touch of the Button” mobilization of all necessary personnel and resources to  provide a fully staffed Incident Command System organization (ICS) capable of expanding or contracting as the situation warrants, to manage and direct any size spill response. This organization includes, but is not limited to the following:
    • Incident Commander
    • Operations Section Chief
    • Logistics Section Chief
    • Planning Section Chief
    • Finance Section Chief
  • Access to additional experts who can be assimilated into the ICS structure to provide needed support in the following fields:
    • Environmental Specialists
    • Natural Resource Damage Assessment
    • Health and Safety Specialists
    • Public Relations
    • Media Consultants
    • Fire and Explosion
    • Salvage
    • Oil Spill Modeling and trajectory
  • SMT and support personnel to conduct all sizes and types of OPA ‘90 required exercises.
  • Proprietary, discounted rate agreements with major United States cleanup contractors.

All SMT personnel are certified for the requisite Health & Safety for Hazardous Material (HAZWOPER) training, maintained by annual refresher courses.

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