Eric J. Marquette




Associate Degree, Electronics, Albemarle Community College
Associate Degree, Computers, Albemarle Community College
NIIMS ICS 100, 200 & 300 Level


Mr. Marquette has over 4 years of related experience in exercise development and incident response. He is the corporate GIS specialist and maintains both the corporate network and our deployable networks for exercise and actual responses. He is a qualified PISCES 2 operator and our situation unit/display unit specialist.


Exercise Development – He participated in the development of the TSA Union Station exercise in Washington, DC., and a 9 county security related chemical release exercise in North Carolina. He deployed and operated our exercise network and PISCES 2 for both exercises.

Incident Response – He was the PPS primary responder for the “Buzzards Bay Incident ”in Massachusetts, the “Bow Mariner Incident” off the coast of Virginia, and most recently the “Trom Mary Incident” in Port Arthur, TX. He provided situation unit capability, IAP development, and GIS mapping for all 3 incidents. He also deployed and installed our deployable command post computer network providing internet access, e-mail, and file sharing and print serving for over 30 notebook computers in use by the various responders.

Since starting PPS in 1999, he has executed over 75 exercises for commercial and government clients. He has developed new exercise formats for conducting multi-element incident exercises that integrate security, incident management and consequence management elements in to a single exercise that satisfies numerous requirements.